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Verses 94-99
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Verses 180-182


English Volume 2

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Features of Volume 2:

The tafseer of Surah al-Baqarah continues in the second volume with the exposition of verses 94-99 and the volume ends with the commentary of verses 180-182 of the same Surah.

The discussions of this volume include the Sabeans; the revival of the dead; metamorphosis; refutation of the doctrine of Sonship of Christ; magic and the obsolete occult sciences; the laying of the foundation of the Holy Ka'bah and the legislation concerning the Qiblah; the meaning and stages of Islam and the Iman; meaning of dhikr (remembrance of God); the world of Barzakh (intermediary stage between death and Resurrection); detachment of the self; morality; dependence of man-made things upon God Almighty; the meaning of love and its relations to God; perpetuity and eternity of punishment; taqlid (spiritual following or imitation in religious matters) and its meaning; the meaning of ibraz (producing or bringing out certain proofs); and lastly the issue of qisas (the law of retaliation) with reference to the objections raised against the laws of qisas and their refutation.

The most important discussion of this volume is on the meaning of "Imamah" - its proofs, and other important issues related to it. Allamah Tabataba'I points out that whenever the Qur’an mentions Imamah, it puts “guidance” side by side – as though Allah was using the latter to explain the former. He says: "...the Imamah is explained, or rather defined, in terms of guidance…the Imamah does not mean any type of guidance; it is the guidance, which emanates from the command of Allah."

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