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Verses 224-227
Verses 228-242
Verse 243
Verses 244-252
Verses 253-254
Verse 255
Verses 256-257
Verses 258-260
Verses 261-274
Verses 275-281
Verses 282-283
Verse 284
Verses 285-286

English Volume 4

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Features of Volume 4:

The tafseer of Surah al-Baqarah continues in the fourth volume with the exposition of verses 224-227 and the volume ends with the commentary of the last verses of the same Surah.

The discussions of this volume that have Qur'anic, scientific, sociological and philosophical implications are as follows:

The meaning of the 'heart' (qalb) in the Qur'an; the use of words like 'ilm (knowledge) and idrak (perception, cognition) in the Qur'an; the position and rights of woman in Islam and other civilisations with regard to marriage and divorce; the meaning of sakinah (tranquillity of mind); the struggle for existence and natural selection; the meaning of salam; the meaning of existence; the Existence of God; Permanence of the Divine Command and Sovereignty; the negation of compulsion in religion; the concept of benevolence and Divine Guidance; the refutation of injustice and misguidance on the part of God Almighty. At the end are discussed two important economic issues: disbursement and usury (riba) from the stand-point of the Qur'an. With this discussion the fourth volume concludes.

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